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Continuing on the grief journey, I’ve been thinking lately how important music and songs are to me. When I was a little girl, my Dad would often whistle. His favorite was a tune that provided the melody for the lyrics … Continue reading

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Grieving in Haiku

A group of poems about my Dad’s death. sitting by the bed helpless as he breathes his last his life slips away words of painful truth he’s gone but not forgotten in my heart he’ll stay my young son asked … Continue reading

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#285- easy

It used to be easy– used to be, but not anymore.- John Faircloth It’s an obscure quote pulled from my memory of being a 7th grader in 1982, attending my first regional youth assembly with my church youth group. John … Continue reading

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#280- forward

Leaning forward looking to the future Reading the road signs and hoping I have followed and interpreted their leading correctly Anxious Excited hopeful and wary I pray for insight wisdom to believe in myself and the choices I make Knowing … Continue reading

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#279 Pleasure

Been away for a few weeks, it’s time to get back into the groove of writing! This time, my customary acrostic and a new cinquain! Puts a smile on my face Leads to more positive thoughts Eases my stress Awakens … Continue reading

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#274- hitch

Hold it right there I’ve just about got it  That’s right Connect the trailer to the vehicle Here we go! Variations in the schedule Applying sunscreen liberally Caution when swimming in the ocean Actions like fishing and beachcombing Talking and … Continue reading

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Boundaries- a poem

Borders Organized around Understanding what is Necessary for healthy Dialogue and Associations Respect these Indicators of Essential Separation

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