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What I Know For Sure

My kids make me laugh, often. They also frustrate and confound me, but sometimes you gotta put up with a little of that to get the laughs. Case in point today. My 6 yr old Kindy boy got home from … Continue reading

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Haiku for Thursday

Maple trees tipped red Lilac buds emerging green Spring from my window   Wispy clouds fly high Sunlight breaking through thin haze Makes me want to nap   A sprouting cabbage Red shamrocks on my table Houseplants in the room … Continue reading

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On Feeling Like a Hermit

There is an ancient tradition of faith, for Christians and others, of setting oneself apart to live in isolation for the express purpose of growing closer to God through self-denial, study, prayer, worship and charitable works. Monastic communities/orders are established … Continue reading

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A Woman’s Place

This woman’s place is changing. In the past I’ve made my place in school as a student, in organizations as a member and leader, in home as the youngest child and only girl, in the corporate world as a trusted … Continue reading

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Blessings in all circumstances

Still struggling about a year after we moved to our current home (a move that involved first several months of separation, home renovations in order to sell a house, buying a house, surgery with travel to doctors, two children under … Continue reading

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We nearly woke up in time for church, but we didn’t. I nearly yelled at him, but somehow managed not to. I’m nearly ready to go back to work, but not quite. Nearly. Almost to the point, but falling or … Continue reading

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Lesson Learned Long Ago

The prompt for today is “what childhood lesson has always stuck with you?”. Big lesson- thou shalt not steal. My mom had a friend who worked in a really nice Hallmark gift shop. Mom liked to go in there … Continue reading

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