Grieving in Haiku

A group of poems about my Dad’s death.

sitting by the bed
helpless as he breathes his last
his life slips away

words of painful truth
he’s gone but not forgotten
in my heart he’ll stay

my young son asked me
why did grandpa have to die
my family grieves

old voicemail review
i hear dad’s familiar voice
crying grateful tears

cards and letters come
words of love, stories comfort
wide community

remembering dad
longing to feel his presence
my heart is broken

over a month on
and the grief is still so fresh
will it always be

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One Response to Grieving in Haiku

  1. No, it will not always be this fresh. It is very, very early in this process – let the tears flow. They are good and healing. Of course you grieve. Of course you do. This is not something you can overcome easily – to do so would be a disservice to the depth of your connection and your love. Hang on, hang in. Praying for you.

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