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Does Membership Have Its Privileges?

In the mailbox today was the latest issue of The Christian Century, May 31, 2011. The cover focus article has to do with church membership and the rising numbers of individuals (and even families) that attend churches, or a church, but … Continue reading

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Keep on Counting

I’m a day behind this week and I just don’t seem to be able to catch up. *sigh* 211. Little boy on the mend 212. Visit from a very affectionate tom kitten 213. Little boys in love with cat 214. … Continue reading

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I’m playing a day late, but, so what? It’s another Sunday Scribblings entry. To play along you get the prompt of the week, usually a single word, and you write whatever comes to mind. Then you link up with the … Continue reading

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Words to Ponder II: Wisdom of Solomon

This weekend I’m continuing to dig for pieces/peaces of scripture that speak assurance and comfort for health, forgiveness, joy in living; really, whatever is speaking to me today. (By the way, I started doing this at the suggestion of a … Continue reading

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Lest I forget

GypsyMama has served up another Five Minute Friday prompt! That’s right, five minutes of all out, no-holds-barred, bare-faced, passion-pouring, writing without critical thought. Link up with the logo. Here goes…..On Forgetting Lest I forget, the first time I held you … Continue reading

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To ease the day

It’s been a difficult first day of summer break. So to turn this around, I’m going straight for the gratitude and my list of 1,000 gifts. 201. Our new neighbor is a pre-school friend of my son 202. Our small … Continue reading

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Where do you hold your stress?

The body has many ways to deal with stress. When I was a teen, I noticed that my shoulders rose up to near wrapping around my ears when I was stressed. In my collegiate years I felt the stress more … Continue reading

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