What I Know For Sure

My kids make me laugh, often. They also frustrate and confound me, but sometimes you gotta put up with a little of that to get the laughs.

Case in point today. My 6 yr old Kindy boy got home from school not exactly in the same state in which he was sent to school. That is, he had wet his pants right before recess. The school did not call. It was obvious that his pants were wet and why. There is a big difference between accidentally getting wet at the water fountain and peeing your pants.  Now I know teachers don’t have the time to take care of every little thing that happens, but this one is one of the things I think is essential. Even if it’s a case of sending him to the office and asking them to call.

Now I know that it was in the last hour of school and I had just left the school probably about 30 minutes before it happened. (I was there for a conference about my older son.) But I live less than a mile from the school, I could have at least been prepared with a change of clothes rather than have his wet legs on the car seat. Anyway, we got him home and cleaned up. The problem was only mildly irritating.

This young one is my guy. He likes to stick with mom and enjoys talking with me. Plus, he’s my baby. I just can’t help myself! So the next step was the after school snack. All he wanted was some chocolate milk. Done! I sat down and got back to my computer, looking for inspiration to blog. The next thing I know I hear this little guy’s voice. “Uh, mom. I can’t get out.”

I turn around in my seat and there he is, sunk deep into the clothes hamper! I see feet and hands and with a little lean, a head too. And he is genuinely stuck, looking like a breach birth. I laugh out loud and say to him, “Yes, you are!” I walk over and reach down to take his hands, bending my knees so that he can put his feet on my thighs. I lift him up and we laugh about his predicament.

What do I know for sure? My world is a much better place because he is in it!

An answer to one of several prompts from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop today. I hope she’s feeling well soon, being sick stinks!

Click the image for a link back to her site and today’s prompts with instructions on how to play.

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2 Responses to What I Know For Sure

  1. Jessica says:

    How sweet! Our kids do make the world a better place for us, even though sometimes they can drive us crazy.

  2. Did you get a picture? He sounds too cute and I love that what you know for sure is that your life is better with him in it! Did you ever think you could ever love a person so much? They may be little but their love is big:)

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