#268- Better Late Than Never

“Better late than never!” is the cry of the procrastinator. 

How do I know this? It is me! How many times could I have said this in my own life, probably daily. My husband told me last week, “You know, you live in your own time zone.” Yeah, it’s true. And being unemployed and on “medical sabbatical”, I’ve been able to indulge myself. Don’t feel like doing laundry today? It’ll still be there tomorrow. Just thought of another rabbit hole on the Internet?  Go ahead, dinner can wait. Kids already in bed waiting for a story, I’ll be there in a minute (15 minutes later).

But I do realize, “better late than never” is going to have to come back around to “on time”, or even (ee-gads!) “a little early”. The kids do have to be at school on time and in order to do that they have to get up, eat, dress in a timely manner, which requires getting to bed at a decent hour, which means I have to be ready for that bedtime story “now” and not “in a few minutes”.

It makes me think (as do many things!) about how in Godly Play we tell the children “We have all the time need.” I catch myself wanting to come back at that, but if I think about it, it comes down to this: When we use our time wisely, we should have all the time we need. (Oh, but my mind keeps looking for the exceptions to this rule and thinking of ways we always need more time!)

So I beat myself in the head and say, “Plan ahead. Use your time wisely. Don’t miss out. And when you do plan to waste your time, do it wisely!”

This prompt came after I had shut down the computer for the day, so I didn’t get it done Sunday. Nevertheless, it is a Sunday Scribbling!

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5 Responses to #268- Better Late Than Never

  1. Old Egg says:

    Well your judgement was right, the prompt didn’t appear till late! I really love your “And when you do plan to waste your time, do it wisely” these are wise words indeed.

    • Grace Walker says:

      I was in conversation recently about wasting time with God, that is, taking time out to do nothing but sit and reflect on God. To an onlooker it would seem like a waste, a day dream, but time spent with God is never wasted. Soul-time is sorely lacking in our lives. I believe peace would abound if we wasted more time! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Mary says:

    Haha! I can relate! And you got done before I did!

  3. Jingle says:

    reflective thoughts.
    tomorrow will be a better time is what many folks assume, but that may evoke another excuses.

    lovely and insightful piece.

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