Hidden now revealed

As the weather gets better each day it is more likely that the whole family will go out exploring together. Last week the boys went out biking and hiking in the park woods several times. When they got back, my little boys told me that they and Dad had found a “secret place” in the woods. It was so secret that I couldn’t know where it was. I was told I’d better not ask Dad where they went, because it was, after all, a big secret–for boys only!

About two days after that my little one asked if he could go with me on my walk, which he does very often. He likes to say he always goes with me. Sometimes, he is content to stay with me on the path of my choosing. Other times he goes with the intent that he’ll get me to take him over to the “skate park” area of our local park. It’s really important that I get exercise everyday (doctor’s orders, in fact!). And often I take it as meditation time, which is harder to do when I have company. Still I love it that he wants to go with me, it is part of our bond.

While we were out, my husband and my other son appeared in the park on their bikes, headed to the “secret place”! Naturally the little boy wanted to go too. I headed in the same direction. They started to protest, but they changed their minds. I was the only one on foot, but it didn’t seem to matter as the trails were very bumpy and now lush with growth. All but the littlest one were wearing pants and long sleeves. We were getting warm, but glad for the cover as the littlest kept protesting the scratches of the brush and the bites of mozzies. We came out of the woods and into the open area around the lake when my husband realized he’s chosen a shirt that was a bit to warm for the exercise. He unbuttoned it and began to flap the open front to cool off. He wasn’t wearing an undershirt, so he was exposing his bare chest to the waist.

“That’s disgusting! I need you to cover that up Dad.” said my oldest pointing to my husband’s bare abdomen. My husband and I burst out laughing. I laughed the whole way home, it was just so funny. I’m still laughing about it. It’s one of those things that becomes a family joke with lifelong enjoyment. I’m already imagining the same phrase being employed in multiple settings: “Mom! That’s disgusting, cover it up.” when I put another one of those “grown-up” dinners on the table. Or at the beach this summer. Or a really badly scraped knee. You get the idea, insert your own circumstance and you’ll be laughing too.

I just love it when my kids say unforgettable things that we can really laugh about.

Giving thanks for this and more:

156. “Secret places”

157. Impromptu cooking out and eating on the patio

158. Husband and I agreeing on a “new” chest of drawers for my son

159. Husband taking pleasure and pride in refinishing the old chest for use in our guest room

160. freshly vacuumed carpets

161. another tea date with another new friend

162. sharing stories with other women and marking our commonalities

163. boys practicing math with flash cards after dinner

164. the sky just before a thunderstorm

165. the fullness of the leaves on the trees and the underbrush

166. watching the bluejay enjoy the corncob leftovers

167. the cardinal pair nesting in my yard

168. the dove pair nesting in my yard

169. planting the 3rd grader’s seedlings

170. starting a new knitting project

171. sandwiches with apple slices inside

172. handmade baskets

173. school pictures

174. shamrocks blooming

175. reading a good book

176. kindy-boy snuggling in my bed

177. sunscreen on little faces

178. favorite magazines arriving in the mail

179. spectacular showing of irises in my yard

180. a trusted friend to watch out for my boys at school and in the neighborhood

181. kisses on my cheeks from the little boys

182. a really good principal at the elementary school

183. the washing machine-makes life so much easier!

184. farmers preparing their fields

185. brown fields dotted with sprouting green

186. mail-order swimsuits!

187. freedom for religion

188. lots of homes selling in our neighborhood

189. boys’ wanting to talk about memories of our old home

190. reading to my boys at bedtime

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4 Responses to Hidden now revealed

  1. Sweet story, Grace – and well-told. Thank you.

  2. Dorie says:

    Wonderful blessing of sharing jokes within the family! And, apple slices in a sandwich sound yummy – gonna try that soon.

  3. tinuviel says:

    Family jokes are wonderful things. 🙂 Sounds like a delightful week.

  4. Grace Walker says:

    Good times! Thanks for stopping by y’all!

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