#284- sensation

When I eat a York Peppermint Patty, I get an icy cool sensation…..like I’m an arctic explorer trekking through a blizzard to find the North Pole!

Well, may be not exactly.  But I did experience the sensation of deja vu today. It wasn’t because I was eating a York Peppermint Patty, but rather because I heard someone else articulate a journey I had made over the last two years. He was talking about global events and applying them on a personal level. I was remembering personal events and noticing how they echo on the global level.

I wondered if he had been reading my blog, because so much of what he had to say I had said back in June with my post “Forgiveness does not mean ‘I trust you’.” Alas, Truth is like that. Those who have learned a specific truth articulate that truth in ways that are readily identifiable to those who also have learned the same truth.

Truths don’t often make headlines. They are sensational to those who learn them, but one has to be in the right mindset to experience the Truth for what it is. Otherwise, truth will pass you by like a cloud flying over your head–you can see something of its form, but you cannot see the inner depths of its meaning.

So the sensation I experienced today, was one of nostalgia, gratefulness, earned wisdom, and peace.

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9 Responses to #284- sensation

  1. Hey – welcome back. Been missing your voice!

  2. I just read it – and was ‘jogged’ as I did that you had written to me about all of this. CONGRATS – and blessings. I was on vacation when it arrived and now have to find it so I can respond!

  3. Nara Malone says:

    I have the sensation of having gained wisdom reading your post. Thoughtful write. Craving a peppermint patty now.

  4. The forgiveness allows you the freedom to feel the nostalgia. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Altonian says:

    As Professor Joad, on the old BBC ‘Brains Trust’ programme on steam radio, used to say:
    “It all depends on what you mean by truth.”
    What can one make of this statement?: “I am telling you the truth when I say that everything
    I tell you is a lie.”

  6. Thanks for this post. I like the statement: Forgiveness does not mean I trust you. Just because forgiveness is extended, it doesn’t mean that we have to be stupid. One thing I have discovered is that most people wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the rear. They would much rather be told exactly what they want to hear.

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