Special summer thanks continue

366. My favorite beach and place to hear God

367. Introducing my boys to the ocean

368. Hours at the beach

369. Sightseeing with my brothers and parents

370. Three generations vacationing together for the first time

371. Reminiscing memories with my brothers

372. Stars over the sea

373. Kites

374. Sunscreen, lots of sunscreen

375. Sand, lots and lots of sand

376. The bait shop lady

377. The bait shop parrot

378. Sharing pieces of my childhood with my children

379. Camera to capture the moments

380. Favorite places

381. Finding things where they were put long ago

382. Lighthouses

383. Boogie boards

384. Knowing it’s time

385. Forgiveness

386. Ice Cream on a hot summer night

387. Family jokes

388. Silly things kids say

389. Kids falling in love with places I love

390. Vacation Bible School

391. Folks who have known me since way back when

392. Recordable books

393. Good luck charms given in love

394. Gardens

395. Frogs and toads

396. Turtles

397. Fish of the sea

398. Crabbing

399. Coupons

400. Souvenirs

401. Airports

402. Compassionate and competent doctors and nurses

403. Medical technology

404. Singing

405. Singing in my head during an hour+long MRI

406. Preliminary good news from the MRI

407. Angels to accompany me on my appointments

408. Pink nail polish

409. Sandals to show off my toes!

410. Making plans with friends

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