My Little Secret

After doing childcare as a young teen, my first real job in high school was in retail. I interviewed at all my favorite shops: Laura Ashley didn't need anymore teens; the manager at Crabtree & Evelyn doubted that I would stay after summer so she refused to hire me. Finally, I tried where one of my friends worked.

Not many people who know me now know that I got hired to be a fitter at Victoria's Secret! I was the youngest employee and got hired on at minimum wage-which in those days was $3.35/hour. I worked through my junior and senior years in high school and during every break in college until my junior year when I switched to Eddie Bauer.

I liked working retail, even when it was crazy around the holidays. My favorite time to work was Christmas Eve because any man shopping at that hour would buy just about anything we suggested, no matter the cost. There were always interesting people coming in…locals as well as celebrities. Another fitter and I once waited on Jane Fonda! We also had quite a few cross-dressers.

I have many fond memories of working at VS, whether it was on the sales floor, the cash register or the stock rooms– I did a little bit of everything. (In case you were wondering, we were NOT allowed to try on lingerie for others!)

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4 Responses to My Little Secret

  1. LOVE this little insight. Yeah, I worked in retail, too. HOWEVER, I sold drapes. Sheesh. No comparison.

  2. I worked at Victoria’s Secret one year for the holiday season then again the following summer. I remember that when men would come into buy for their significant other (once I had a man buying for his wife AND girlfriend) and they would finally decide on something I’d ask what size and they would almost always say, “About your size.”

  3. craig says:

    funny! You enjoyed working Christmas Eve because you knew that they’d buy anything – funny! And true – very true. I’ve never worked retail – but I did manage a pizza place in a Mall – so I went through the same Christmas seasons as you – and we sold more pizzas in those couple of months then maybe the whole year. They weren’t is desperate for the pizza as they were the last minute gifts on Christmas Eve :-). I hearted this – it’s a little slice of your life – it was awesome! God bless you Grace!

  4. Grace Walker says:

    Malinda, yes! They always said that! And then we’d see the woman come in the day after Christmas to return whatever it was the guy bought because it was the wrong size. We’d always tell the guy to buy the smallest size if he didn’t know the actual size so that he could tell his significant other that he thinks she’s that small. ; )

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