Wonder for a Five Minute Friday

GypsyMama has served up another Five Minute Friday prompt! That’s right, five minutes of all out, no-holds-barred, bare-faced, passion-pouring, writing without critical thought. Link up with the logo.

Here goes…..Wonder

Oh, but isn’t this what I’ve been doing a lot of lately! My medical sabbatical will be coming to end soon and it will be time to get back to the working world.

I wonder what work it will be? I have prayed and continue to pray for that which God is preparing for me and me for. My ideal would be to have something close to home, part time (about 25 -30 hours a week), would allow me to be home for my kids after school and in the evening, and would provide enough income to pay the mortgage and some of the bills.

I wonder what the doctors will say when I see them next month? I pray it will be that I have done extremely well and that the tumor has shrunk, perhaps even miraculously disappeared! I pray that will mean that I can look forward to a long, productive life of clear vision and hearing, with no further nerve damage or surgeries.

I wonder about my children, as they grow and change. What will they remember? What will be important to them? Who will they become? Will there be grandchildren?

I wonder what goodness God will bring about in this world.

And from Godly Play, “I wonder what we could leave out and still have all the story we need?”

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5 Responses to Wonder for a Five Minute Friday

  1. Beautiful post & keeping you in my prayers.

  2. LOVE this, Grace. You took a different turn with the word and I love where it took you. Praying for good medical reports next month and for clarity about what comes next in the world of work. And that you, too, will have the joy of grandchildren some distant day.

  3. Pattyann says:

    I too loved this post and am keeping you in my prayers. I love my grandchildren and pray that you also will know and love yours!!

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