#272- Opportunity

OK, so it’s Tuesday, but I still wanted to play along with this week’s Sunday Scribblings writing meme. You can play along too by linking up through the image.

Click image to play along and link up your own creative take on the meme

This week the word is “opportunity” and who can resist the opportunity to write about it? So many directions one could go with this, so many thoughts come to mind, so many opportunities to put words together and make something fun, interesting, thoughtful, insightful, whatever!

I’ve had this word in my vocabulary a lot the last few months, thinking about the future, wondering what God is preparing for me and me for. What opportunity will I choose, what chances will I be presented with and which one will be the best choice for me? With the state of our nation, it seems there are fewer opportunities to be found and fewer still that will actually be viable. I’m trying not to panic at the limitations and be hopeful that the right thing will indeed be there at the right time.

In the meantime, I’m writing here, trying to re-sharpen my skills and renew my sense of purpose. Maybe this will be important. Maybe it will lead to something. We’ll see! For now, I’m posting a new acrostic poem. This time I’m opening up the flow and going with phrases instead of just limiting myself to a single word per letter. Here goes:

Open your eyes
Plan for success
Put your best foot forward
Optimism is essential
Realize your true full potential
Take life by the horns
Unleash your wildest dreams
Never mind the nay-sayers
Intensify your effort
Teach by example

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6 Responses to #272- Opportunity

  1. Altonian says:

    I grabbed a late opportunity when my nephew in Australia put me on to Sunday Scribblings, and Three Word Wednesday last November, up until then I had only used computers as electronic typewriters for processing letters and documents. Any literary efforts were just manuscripts, filed away in boxes and folders. Your excellent acrostic poem says it all, and your philosophy in the preamble is spot on.

  2. Grace Walker says:

    Thanks Altonian! And what a way to enter the digital world. My sons picked out an old manual typewriter at our local thrift store last year (after being intrigued by the one I used at my parents’ home). They love to hammer out little messages on paper. It’s kind of sad to think they’ll someday only be found in antiquities museums. I still enjoy pen and paper too, different things come out in that medium. Come to think of it, different things get in and stick when I write on paper.

  3. Jae Rose says:

    It doesn’t matter what day – it’s always good to read your posts..’put your best foot forward’ made me smile as I could see the header photo too..I love those summer feet skipping along..Jae

  4. Other Mary says:

    Oh, what a great accrostic. Opportunities don’t just plop at our feet, we need to grab them and make the most!

  5. Grace Walker says:

    Thanks Jae! My 6 year old captured that photo–every once in a while he comes up with some really interesting shots.

  6. Jingle says:

    love your acrostics, well done.



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