Home for a Five Minute Friday

GypsyMama has served up another Five Minute Friday prompt! That’s right, five minutes of all out, no-holds-barred, bare-faced, passion-pouring, writing without critical thought. Set the timer, write your own and link up with the logo.

Here goes…..Home

Some people might argue that a place you have never lived can’t be called home, but I disagree. Sure, it’s not the same as the place you grew up in physically, but as an immigrant, it still holds something for me. My parents came to the US just about 7 weeks before I was born. My brothers always picked on me for being the odd child–only girl, only one born in the States.

I think there is something to cellular memory. Hearing the Australian accent, seeing pictures pull my heart right up into my throat. I’ve always loved Victorian style home, but there were always little details I wanted to change about them. Imagine my surprise

Click to see more Australian style

when I visited Australia at age 22 and discovered my dream homes existed in Australia as the Federation style!

I’m teaching my children about their heritage in that homeland, and I dream of someday taking them to see it. And thanks to Peter Allen, I can sing of my love when I say “I still call Australian home.”

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4 Responses to Home for a Five Minute Friday

  1. Loved reading this.
    Would have liked to read more.

  2. meghan says:

    i love it. your family must have felt strongly about australia to give you such a sense of it as home. i love those feelings of nostalgia that just choke you up.

  3. So THAT’s where your family came from. What a great place to call home – love to visit it my self someday. We lived in Zambia many years ago and had visitors from Australia often – loved their heart, their pioneer spirit, their accents. Good on’ya.

  4. craig says:

    Grace, you are one of the few Aussies that I know now. Even though you aren’t an “official” one. I understand when your heart is in a different place that feels like home – although it’s not really. I get it. It’s amazing what can get said in 5 min. God bless you!

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