Tuesdays are for Wordplays

Lately I’ve had a burst of wordplay creativity. I think it’s a sign of health to be able to play with words. I often compose haikus when I’m out walking, but I don’t carry paper & pen or a recorder so they usually get lost before I’m home again. I’ve starting making a file of my little bursts, so today I’m pulling out a few of those and adding some new ones while I’m at it. Feel free to join in. : )

Feeling befuddled–
Realizing I’m out of sorts,
I want
Outta here

Be still for a moment
Remember to relax
Everything will be fine
And you are loved, no matter what.
Then lift your
Head and
Enter with confidence.


And now, some backyard haiku:

Below the feeder
Squirrel waits for snacks to fall
Finches in cahoots

Careful on branch tips
Lilac trees bear faded blooms
Strange squirrel snacks

Strawberry plants hide
Overgrown grass and spearmint
Shaded yet ripening

New gathering spot
I have wanted you for years
Patio table

Ever watchful I
overhead collect rain clouds
Please don’t spoil our day

Not just nuts and seeds
Baby apples squirrels snatch
They eat everything

Rooster struts and crows
Cage-free hens scratch and lay eggs
On our neighbor’s farm

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