Backwards for a Five Minute Friday

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Here goes…..Backwards

I always admired the girls and guys who could do a walk-over backwards. Their bodies were like noodles that could bend effortlessly from feet to hands and back over to feet again. So smooth, so graceful, so easy!

We had to have P.E. credits in high school, and thankfully we had a choice. One quarter I opted for tennis. One quarter I opted for gymnastics.

(The photo is Olympic gymnast Courtney Kupets)

I knew I’d never be a member of the gymnastics team. I didn’t have the bone structure that made for a successful gymnast. But I still wanted to give gymnastics a try. I wanted to have a chance on the balance beam and (deep breath) the uneven parallel bars. So I enrolled in the class, and I did my best. And I had fun.

I learned that if I tried something new, I might even be able to do it. I might not be the best, most graceful gymnast. But it sure was thrilling to try.

As I recall, I liked the balance beam the best. And the most thrilling thing, was to do one of those backwards walkovers for my dismount!


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8 Responses to Backwards for a Five Minute Friday

  1. Leigh Kay says:

    I love watching gymnastics and admire anyone who even TRIES it, let alone suceeds at any of it’s many facets. 🙂 Great picture addition too. 🙂 I enjoyed your prompt very much! Keep it up.

  2. Amy says:

    So great to think about “backwards” as part of a new and challenging experience in life. I wonder how many times we don’t take that plunge into something new because of the “backwards” parts that may seem scary? Great food for thought. Thanks for sharing! Smiles –

  3. Pattyann says:

    Oh, I love this. I can remember doing the same thing in Jr. High. I never was able to do a back walkover though. I think I was physically challenged that way! Love the way you made the experience positive.

  4. Wow…I admire all gymnasts, period! Gymnastics is one of my favorite Olympic sports. But I have never, ever done a cartwheel in my entire life. Can you believe it?!?!

    • Grace Walker says:

      Oh, try it! The hardest time for me to attempt a cartwheel was after I’d had cranial surgery. I’m pretty sure it was more than a year post-surgery, and I was bit scared, but what exhilaration to do it! Even if it isn’t perfect and you end up rolling on the ground.

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