Blessings in the week

Crazy week of committee work leads to a late entry…

#237- Making the extra effort for a morning walk

238. Little boy enjoying basketball camp

239. Bigger boy excited to be spending time with friends and fieldtripping with the children’s center

240. Good company of ministry colleagues gathered to prepare future ministers

241. Ministers in formation, on fire and full of passionate love for God’s People

242. Taking in the wisdom of those around the table

243. Having my needs given special consideration, a gift of hospitality

244. Gifts and graces of my judicatory leader

245. Long tenure of those who give passionately to the future of the church

246. Eavesdropping on the Sacred Echoes of God

247. Pancakes turned muffins by a time crunch….still delicious and extra portable!

248. Learning, or maybe relearning, about another possibility for ministry that might just fit me needs and God’s

249. Feeling more confident about my health

250. Sharing memories of vacation spots with others who know the same places

251. Laughing at my own mishaps

252. Affirmation of God-given gifts

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2 Responses to Blessings in the week

  1. Deborah King says:

    Enjoyed you lists of gratitudes. I’ll have to try “pancakes turned into muffins”. Sound great.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. A truly lovely list, Grace. So glad things are feeling more secure health-wise and that you’ve received some affirmation denominationally!

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