Calzones to the Rescue

School has been out for a week now and my kids are already bored. One suffered a concussion the first day out. The other has been waking up early (how’s that happen?!) and playing video games to the point of overstimulated madness, so he’s now lost those privileges for 4 days. And summer camps haven’t started yet. What’s a mother to do?

Lucky for them I couldn’t afford to ante-up for daycare, so when I had a luncheon to attend today, they had to come along. They behaved reasonably well for 6 & 9 year olds during 2.5 hours of grown-up conversation, so I figured they earned a visit to the local children’s hands-on museum. And blissfully for me, a membership at another museum gets us a discount at the children’s museum, plus, there must have been some kind of special today because I didn’t have to pay for myself!

That, my friends, is what I call a bargain!

The kids played for 2 full hours and we didn’t even make it through the whole museum. We did get to the gift shop, but I made it real clear I wasn’t buying for them (I made it out with just a few craft supplies that I’ll force on them later). Admittedly, it was super hard to pass up the little black and gold dragon that belongs in the same family as the gold, garnet and teal dragons we got on spring break. I tell you, if he had been $9.95 like he should have been, they’d have me sold. But he was $17.95! The same as the next size up. They told me that they had a bigger one, but it was stolen. I guess they’re trying to make up for the loss by overcharging on the remainders. Can’t say I blame them, though, those kids attractions have to make their money somewhere to stay afloat, and the gift shop is a major contributor.

In the same neighborhood as the museum is a really fantastic calzone shop….all fresh ingredients, made to order. I’m normally gluten-free, but this was worth the inconveniences I’ll likely suffer tomorrow. And the guy even made a special exception and let me have the kids deal! I picked out an especially scrumptious sounding full size for my husband.  It was about that time that I realized I hadn’t remembered to put my cell phone in my purse, so I couldn’t call him for an opinion, or to let him know that his family hadn’t abandoned him for a carefree life down South.

All was well though. In spite of the fact that he’d already eaten a large bowlful of the finest Midwest popcorn and had a beer, he was thrilled to partake of the still warm Italian beef, provolone, mozzarella and peppers in olive oil that were gently tucked inside his lovely browned garlic and parmesan dough premium calzone. I even let him have the fresh baked chocolate chip cookie that came with my delicious spinach, garlic and cheese calzone.

Note to self: don’t let the kids have caffeinated beverages after 5 pm.

I thought the 6 year old would never go to sleep! He was pretty sweet though. He kept begging me to come back to his room and sleep with him, even for just a little bit. When I finally gave in, he patted and smoothed my hair just like I normally do his. And when he stirred as I was getting up, he reached up for just one more hug before falling back to sleep.

Yep, you can count me Thankful on a Thursday!

226. the mist rising from the creek during my evening walk

227. bumping up my time to take longer walks

228. knitting in public that starts a conversation with a stranger

229. lunch with colleagues and blessed conversation

230. boys happy to be out of the house doing something fun

231. awe inspired by wind turbines

232. saturated green grass and trees under the overcast sky

233. corn planted fields starting to sprout

234. strawberries peeking out of my overgrown patch

235. thinking about mitzvahs

236. fresh, still warm calzones after a playful afternoon

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