Keep on Counting

I’m a day behind this week and I just don’t seem to be able to catch up. *sigh*

211. Little boy on the mend

212. Visit from a very affectionate tom kitten

213. Little boys in love with cat

214. Spontaneous dancing by children in church on a Baptism day

215. good reading (Margaret Feinberg)

216. blogging connections around the world

217. the knitting pattern I am loving! (bread cover found on Ravelry)

218. finding a new dress that is very flattering

219. learning new symbolism….didn’t know about the poppies for Memorial Day

220. handy woodworking husband who is making old things new!

221. “sacred echoes” reverberating in my life, even at the movies! Who would’ve thought ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ would have a message just for me?

222. Random dreams that connect me with friends

223. Son proud of his gaming accomplishment, showing his drive and determination do pay off

224. Laughing over the silly words that made my babies laugh when they were infants

225. Reading my son’s third grade memory book

Keeping company still with:

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