When seasons change

It’s another Five Minute Friday with the Gypsy Mama, just 5 minutes of flat-out, no-holds-barred, pour your soul out without edit, just go for it writing. Today, the meme is “When Seasons Change”. Here goes:

When seasons change there is relief that this infernal heat will give way to cool; or this dead frozen-ness will wake up into a burst of warmth and color.

When seasons change there is joy of flowers, their laughter-filled colors peeking first, then exploding all over God’s canvas.

When seasons change there is mellowing, relaxing, a steady breath and a hearty stride in the walk.

When seasons change there is the gentle creeping of yellow, red, orange that starts deep within the tree but shows at the tips of the tops.

When seasons change there is transition and growth and maturing, seen and unseen, noticeable and subtle.

When seasons change there is relief and assurance that things don’t stay the same, that time does slip on or march on, that try as we might we can’t stop it, but only we must learn to savor what is good and heart-filling and let go of or forgive that which causes pain.

When seasons change, so must I.

Done! That’s it, I’ve opened it up, poured it out and given it what I had. Now, it’s your turn. What comes out when you start with “When seasons change”? Link up with the crowd at:

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6 Responses to When seasons change

  1. Jeniffer says:

    So true! Love your thoughts on this! Beautiful…

  2. This is lovely, Grace. And another former associate pastor – woohoo!! And thank you for your kind words at my site – and my goodness, you actually included me on your blogroll. That’s a first for me and I am humbled and grateful. Is there anyway to subscribe to your blog? I can’t find one and would love to do so. I’m especially a fan of email subscriptions as I prefer to see as close to original formatting and not what the readers do to posts. But I’ll take ’em where I can get ’em, so if you have a way ‘in’ kindly direct me to it.

  3. Well, duh. I found it – just didn’t scroll all the way down. Yippee!

    • Grace Walker says:

      Thanks Diana. Glad you’ve found it. I’ve been changing things around, so I’m glad you kept looking. I’m enjoying popping over to your place, so it just makes it easier to link to you. : )

  4. Coley says:

    Popped over from Gypsy Mama. Well said. 🙂

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