Just Take a Deep Breath

This week’s instance of five minutes of full-on, flat-out, no-holds-barred, passion- spilling-on-page, writing for a Five Minute Friday:

Deep Breath, take one…

before you get out of bed

before you jump in to something new

before you yell at your kids

before you open the door or the mail

before you do the heavy lifting

before you go under water

before you start to pray, and again when you finish

when you need a moment to relax

when you need to clear your mind

when things get overwhelming

when things are going great

when you are surrounded by beauty

after the baby is born

after the surgery is over

after the scripture has been read

after the performance is complete

after the sun goes down

Whenever you think of it, and more so when you don’t, take a deep breath. It really helps you face the moment, live in the moment, savor the moment, and celebrate the moment.

What do you have to say about “deep breath”? Take five minutes to write it out and link up with the crowd at the Gypsy Mama’s site (click the button above for link).

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5 Responses to Just Take a Deep Breath

  1. So true! “Whenever you think of it, and more so when you don’t,”

    Loved your poetic prose take on the prompt.

  2. Samantha says:

    “Whenever you think of it, and more so when you don’t, take a deep breath.”
    Such a blessed reminder this morning!

  3. now if I could only get my husband to remember this! Seriously, I have found that the more I obsess and worry over something the more likely it is that I will get nutty…but if I take a deep breath and begin again I am able to refocu myself and my energies, and solutions appear.

  4. Mary Hess says:

    Love this!
    Love this!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Carey B says:

    Thanks for that. Practical and beautiful. What a talent. 🙂 With Joy, Carey

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