Because I can be thankful any day of the week

Since I started linking up with Ann Voskamp’s Multitudes on Mondays, I’ve really felt that posting my thanksgivings just one day a week wasn’t enough. So I went searching for a Thankful Thursday group to link up with. I couldn’t really find one that seemed to fit me. In the process, I saw several logos that I really liked, but still couldn’t find a group to be tied to. When I found this logo I tried to trace it to its origins, but couldn’t find a clear place to link to. So, my apologies to the owner/creator of this button! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve decided to use it and if you happen to stumble upon me, please let me know who you are so I can give you credit for this lovely artwork.

I woke up about 3 AM this morning, feeling off. “Yuck!”, I thought. I laid there for about an hour and finally decided it wasn’t worth getting out of bed, so I went back to sleep hoping I’d feel better by the time I had to get up. I had a tea-date this morning with one of the sweet old ladies in town. Unfortunately, I was still feeling icky when I woke up, and rather than possibly spreading nasty germs to a plucky 95-year-old, I called to postpone our date. The phone rang and and rang, which didn’t concern me too much because she is hard of hearing. I called twice and decided to leave a voicemail. She called me back just after I hung up, so I gave my apologies. She said she’d see me at the college graduation and set a new date then.

About 30 minutes later, a new friend called to see if I’d like to meet for coffee. I felt a little bit better, but could tell I still wasn’t up for socializing. We decided to try again next week. I do hope that works out because she is also a mom of two boys and really sharp. I think we could become good friends. We’d met in a parenting class a couple of years ago, and she had tried to get the group to continue as a social gathering. We had a really nice get together at her house, but no one else was willing to pick up the ball. Which was too bad, because it is a neat group of people. I was working full-time back then and just didn’t feel together enough to try to be the organizer.

I’ve pretty well spent the day at my computer, reading and writing; breaking only briefly to prepare food and gather children. But as I’ve sat here, I have continued my inventory of blessings.

106. The first Monarch butterfly of the season, visiting the fading lilacs out my kitchen window.

107. The bluejay and the squirrel who have been using their best gymnastics to nibble at the woodpecker bar hanging in the yard.

108. Reading other blogs and getting a little peek inside someone else’s daily.

109. Making my own place here on my very own blog, and watching the numbers as people visit.

110. Reading the comments for those generous folk who choose to make their presence known with remarks about what I’ve written.

111. Being in the right place at the right time to help someone in a risky situation.

112. Registering the big boy for an art & science camp, and seeing his eyes light up over the activities. (And praying now that he will get his choice of activities!)

113. The little boy who tells me he wants to go to church camp, basketball camp, and maybe even ice skating lessons.

114. My irises have begun to bloom and are flourishing in their transplant location.

115. Lunch with a new friend yesterday.

116. Sharing books (being a resource lender)

117. Plants growing and blooming, with the promise of beauty and/or fruit

118. New friends for my boys

119. A church that enables me to listen and be still while I wait on God’s guidance.

120. Rest

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2 Responses to Because I can be thankful any day of the week

  1. Sara Kemp says:

    Nice post, Carolyn. I’m sure it’s gratifying to watch your blessings grow! Such the power of seeing it in black and white!

    • Grace Walker says:

      It is pretty cool, huh? And it’s fun to read you and Patti–we span the country but we can be close this way!

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