Olfactory Memory-remembering with the nose

Plinky prompt: What scents bring back vivid memories for you?


I was out walking yesterday evening. Sauntering past the edge of the woods, I caught a whiff that unleashed a memory. Flashing back years to a summer adventure in the mountains. Dim beneath the canopy of trees. Cool dampness of the woodland floor meeting a quiet, gentle creek. But the smell that captures me is the trees. How they, in spring, awaken and their very awareness of the season puts out a certain fragrance. A primordial fragrance of life brewing, firm and steady, age to age, ancient and new all in the same place. That is the scent that stirred my mind through my nose, just yesterday evening.

Those woods are far from me now, though I try to visit when I can; even if it’s just through my mind’s eye.

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Sometimes they ask such good questions, I can’t help myself! I have to answer them.

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