Observations in Haiku

1. Dark sky pouring rain

Rivers rising over banks

Midwest fields flooding

2. Sirens blare warning

Tuscaloosa wakes in shock

Spring tornadoes hit

3. Bright warm Sunday morn

Prized golden egg found empty

Just like Jesus’ tomb

4. Driving through gray mist

Slow going across Mid-South

Long journey back home

5. Sleeping cozy king

Swimming welcome distraction

Safe and dry hotel

6. Hazy purple fields

Pretty now, bad for farmers

It’s veronica

7. Henbit covers fields

Tasty weed, brings honeybees

Soft purple blanket

8. Bright yellow flashes

Thistle feeder freshly filled

Goldfinches delight

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2 Responses to Observations in Haiku

  1. mama Bear says:

    Love the poetry! Great stuff. I like to write some poetry every once in a while, too, but I always seem to stick to the stuff that rhymes. I think that comes from all my years as a babysitter, then teacher and now mother, where I make up new rhymes to familiar tunes to get the kids to calm down and/or pay attention. You’d be amazed how fast they quiet down to hear the new strange words that I’ll put to tune!

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