Sunlight makes it better

It is true; sunlight makes things better. I’ve picked up Anne of Green Gables again, been years since I read it last. But, it’s an old friend, and definitely bears revisiting. Sometimes I have difficulty picking out new things to read because I have such good old friends in my books. But then again, there was a time when those old friends were unknown, waiting to be discovered and make my acquaintance. And so it is that I also just finished a new book, written about 100 years after the original Anne of Green Gables, but I was curious, though a bit worried that it would profane my memories of Anne. It didn’t. Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson, put itself out there as a Prequel to the beloved Anne books, hoping for itself to become a stage setter and to fill in the gaps that Lucy Maude didn’t fully flesh out.

In some cases it did, in others she took license, as is every author’s right so to do. It did prove to be a good read and not wanting to let a good story end, I felt beholden to continue on with the story. Down to the basement library I went to seek out the first of the many. It’s pages yellowed with time, nearly 30 years have passed since the book was first given to me by the neighbor family I served as number one babysitter; but it is fully intact. In my youth, books were treasures not to be sullied with pens, pencils or dog-ear-ing of pages. It would take me well into my graduate school years to begin to mark the pages of a book, an action that made the book mine forever- for surely no one else would want my second-hand, chicken-scratched, highlighted, commented and very personalized copies of books. Marking inside a book made it a part of me, a stock house of my thoughts, wonderings and ideas. Too personal at times to let loose in anyone else’s hands and eyes.

And as Anne says, how can anyone be down when the sun is shining so gloriously? And that has definitely been so these past few days with birds to watch and hear, bikes to ride, flowers to bloom and a child’s birthday party to host. And graciously the sun did shine on all these things and more, bringing us out of doors to breathe the fresh air and feel the breezes blow across our faces whistling and huffing in our ears. My soul has needed this. The long dark, gray days of winter were much too long and snow filled. You know we’ve all had enough when even the snow loving boys say, “Snow? Not again! I’m so tired of snow and cold and all those clothes!” My boys, who strip down to just pants (sometimes just underpants) as soon as they hit the door of our home. Thankfully, we usually enter through the garage so the spectacle is not visible to the passing public!

The temperature, as often happens in this transition from winter to spring, has dropped again, but it is maintaining mid-60s and sunny, making each of these days cooped up in classrooms all the harder to bear, knowing that Spring Break starts this Saturday. Our district is strange, at least it’s unusual to me. We do not have a set Spring Break, rather it chases Easter across the calendar year after year, sometimes it’s early March, sometimes it’s mid April. We’ve had our break begin on Good Friday, other years it has begun with Holy Week. Whatever.

This year, it will really and truly be spring for our break. And I plan to take the boys South. Sadly that means we will miss much of the blooming out in our own area, and will be past the peak in the South. Oh, but we will have the glory of driving through the stages of spring on our trek! What will we see? The White Way of Delight? The Lake of Shining Waters? Who knows? But it will be our adventure!

Come play in the sun with my friend over at ShoutLaughLove, just click the image below.

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6 Responses to Sunlight makes it better

  1. Heatherly says:

    Over from ShoutLaughLove….

    I love the Anne books. She is truly an old friend. Long before I knew that His mercies were new every morning, I learned from Anne that “Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.”

    Looking forward to it feeling like spring here…


    • Grace Walker says:

      “Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it” is one of my absolute favorite quotes! I can’t count how many times I have shared it with friends. Wishing you many fresh days, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ann Kroeker says:

    I loved sharing Anne of Green Gables with my daughters! It’s been several years since I read it aloud to them, so maybe I should revisit it, as well?

    So glad to meet you in the comments at my blog.

    May you continue to find moments to be still and let God…be God. 🙂

  3. i was quite a reader growing up and someone never read those beloved books! maybe i’ll read them to my daughter…

    have a wonderful spring tour with your boys. sounds wonderful:) thanks so much for linking up–such light and cheer in your words.

    • Grace Walker says:

      Suzannah, you absolutely should read the Anne books! I read 5 of them in one week on a summer vacation when I was 14. Then I discovered there were 3 more in the Anne series, and many more by LMM. And, of course, the movie version with Megan Follows as Anne—divine!

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