If You Met Me

(You’d likely be meeting me on the walking path or in the bookstore or maybe at the college where my husband works, or at the church I quietly attend.) If you met me you’d probably notice that I’m eager to make friends but I’m a bit reserved about the process; and as much as I’d like to know about you, I would probably talk too much and tell you more than you cared to know. I’d smile genuinely, wondering if you could be the friend I’ve been asking God to help me find. You’d wonder how I could look so rested and overwhelmed at the same time.

You might notice that I sometimes speak Southern and say things like y’all. I’d want to know if you have any kids and what their ages are hoping that our kids could also become friends. I’d be guessing if we were close in age and trying to figure out what we have in common. I’d be asking if you were from here or somewhere else. I’d wonder if you were on Facebook and did we have any friends in common. I’d try not to be too distracted by my kids running around, and give you my full attention.

If you met me, I’d be wondering what we could learn from each other.

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7 Responses to If You Met Me

  1. Heart n Soul says:

    Love this ….. so beautifully articulated.

  2. Yes, we would probably meet in a bookstore 🙂

    “I’m eager to make friends but I’m a bit reserved about the process” this too is me! Its great to “meet” you 🙂

  3. Bobbi says:

    It’s interesting how many of us are “a bit reserved about the process”…It’d be interesting…which section of the bookstore would we meet in? I love bookstores!

    • Grace Walker says:

      Probably in the craft magazines where I’d be looking for British and Australian knitting magazines. But if my kids come with me, I might be over in the young readers section. If we’ve been there a while, I’m the mom with the kid who just dropped a glass bottled soda that smashed and splashed all over the floor by the counter.

  4. Nicole says:

    I too, long to find friends who have children my children will grow with, play with and laugh with. My children range in age from 15 – 6 so usually the oldest or youngest is left to self entertain. I also love to play that do you know game on facebook, 6 degrees of realtion to any one right? I hope you have a blessed day.

  5. Is there a blogger that doesn’t love to read? I would definitely be seeing you in a bookstore as they are one of my favorite places.

  6. i’m finding it is SO hard to make soul-friends as an adult, and especially as a parent of young children. that kind of connection and investment takes so much time. i know i need to be more intentional about seeking it out.

    i appreciate knowing you better:)

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