The Second Dozen

There is a kind of cosmic magic, a stunning mystery, that changes us when we stop to give thanks and survey our circumstances. Last week I was feeling quite down, depressed and frustrated with that feeling. It is such an unpleasant place to be, so turning the mind to grace-filled things has a way of lifting up the veil of fog and bringing in a little sunshine, if it too can break through the clouds.

This year of treatment and recovery has thrown off the delicate balance of health in my body, and I struggle to restore that balance with my regimen of healthy diet, spiritual nurture, daily walking, restful sleep and medicine when necessary.  In my case, the medicines have contributed to the unbalancing of my system and now we resort to more medicine to set things back upright. But as is often the case, some things have to get worse in order to get better, and that’s exactly where I’ve been in the last month or more. Once I remembered this key detail, and verified it with an official resource on the subject, I found myself regaining control. Thank you God! That you have given me reason that overcomes darkness with light and logic.

Let’s make that the first Thanksgiving of the the week and go on from there.

13. Thank you, God, for a mind that can, through reason, overcome darkness with light and logic for You are found in all.

14. The progress of my son has been amazing! He is on the Autism Spectrum and God has been with us in helping us do the best things for him, often times without realizing just how well we are doing. He is now fully mainstreamed with aides to shepherd him at the times he needs it most.

15. The 9th birthday of my son, spent this weekend with our little family.

16. A new patio table (have wanted one for years to go with the chairs and finally found one!) at which to gather my family and friends for dining al fresco.

17. The first chance to cook out with my family and eat at the new table on a beautiful Spring evening, with the grass greening and only a handful of blooms in the yard.

18. Homemade frosting in vanilla and chocolate! Is there anything better? And a box of gluten-free cake mix from which I baked birthday cupcakes.

19. Arriving at church late, but convincing myself that getting there late is better than not getting there at all; and going in to a service that still fed my soul even though I missed part of it.

20. A cabbage plant on my table, soon to be planted somewhere (but where?) for an excited boy who wants to watch it grow BIG! And maybe win a prize.

21. The littlest boy, who I swear, looks bigger every day, and keeps slipping in to my side of the bed in the wee sma’s.

22. Leafy green vegetables, which I’m learning to enjoy the way my Dad does–NAKED! That’s the veggies, not me eating them!

23. Spring storms that bring thunder, lightning, wind and rain, but no harm. We slept with the window open last night and I listened to the storms rolling through, big drops of rain coming in brief spurts like individual buckets being dumped on our roof.

24. The piano music from Ann Voskamp’s blogsite. It draws me in and I can’t shut it off. I end up sitting at my table, computer in front of me, just listening and emoting to the music as it provides a background for my writing.

And how about making this a Baker’s Dozen?

25. A quiet morning that allows me to go back to bed when the boys leave for the day, after a good, but tiring, 3-day weekend. Thank you God, for much needed rest.

Give thanks along with the community at Multitudes on Mondays over at Ann’s place, A Holy Experience. Click the image below for a quick trip there.

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2 Responses to The Second Dozen

  1. craig says:

    I’m here from Ann’s. My favorite thank you from your list this week is 24. The piano music from Ann Voskamp’s blogsite. It draws me in and I can’t shut it off. I end up sitting at my table, computer in front of me, just listening and emoting to the music as it provides a background for my writing. (it was like that for me too – I’ve grown used to it now – and it’s still awesome – but those early times – back then her site was black background with white letters. The blogging “experts” say not to do that but it made it a quieter place – and back then she used to sign her writings “scribbled in the dark”. It really felt holy – still does)

    And I know of a body that rebels – and how it affects the mind and mood. I have prayed for you – not knowing all the details – and not sharing the same illness – but sharing the same symptoms. Thank you for this and God bless and keep you and all of yours.

    • Grace Walker says:

      Thank you, Craig. I am so dependent on those prayers and it is a privilege for me to be on your prayer list.

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