Several years ago my mom confided that she has a little guardian angel. I found this intriguing and yet, not surprising. My mom has had premonitory dreams for years. Her guardian angel often gives her warning and advice to be careful about upcoming events. For instance, one time she was visiting me she had been warned by her guardian angel that perhaps she ought to reconsider that visit. She came anyway and got sick nearly as soon as she arrived, then it snowed the most snow we had had in that placed the whole time I lived there (16″ over a few days), my washing machine broke, and it just wasn’t a very good visit.

I, too, feel like I have a guardian angel, although I generally don’t call it that. I think of mine more as a really close connection with God. In teaching the stories of the Bible to children, my favorite approach is Godly Play, a narrative storytelling with props. Borrowing from the story of Abraham, I characterize my communication with God this way: after nightfall, Abram went out to the edge of the desert and looked up into the starry sky. He drew so close to God, and God drew so close to Abram, that Abram knew what God wanted him to do.

And just like Abraham came to an understanding of what God wanted him to do, I seek God’s counsel in my life. Sometimes the message comes like the still small voice described by Isaiah, and sometimes it comes through a dream, still other times it comes from another person who often doesn’t know that they have given me the message that I sought or needed to receive. Though I may struggle and fidget impatiently while waiting, the messenger comes and tells me, “Do not be afraid.” and then gets on with the rest of the message.

Last summer, in the midst of radiation treatments for my tumor, I identified my radiation therapists as angels. Oh and they were! They even sang to me during some of my treatments which had a wonderful way of calming me down and taking my treatments with a greater sense of ease when at first there had been only ill-at-ease. My other angels were the ladies of the church who hosted me during the treatment. They were amazing! They accompanied me to all of my appointments after my husband had to return to his job, and even saw to it that I had some fun times out with their group. They had a very restorative presence during those weeks, which continues today and is further revived at each follow-up visit.

Are there messengers or angels? I say YES! And I also believe we each have the ability to be that for others, so long as we open ourselves to being channels of grace and light.

Thanks to Sunday Scribblings for the prompt. You can play along by clicking the image below:

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3 Responses to Messenger

  1. Meryl Jaffe says:

    I say yes too. It is so comforting to hear the personal ways people can touch others, often doing the simplest of things…singing to you…just letting you know they are there.
    This also shows the power of community.
    Beautiful post. Thank you.

  2. God works through people, that’s for sure.

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